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You’ve completed the most fulfilling 10 days of your life. Your journey has just begun.

jewpiter is a rewards program which can help you to return to Israel and provide you with knowledge and learning that you will use for the rest of your life.


By Phone

Get all the important info about Judaism as you learn 1-to-1 over the phone with a mentor that we hand-pick just for you. Be constantly inspired as you explore any Jewish topic – from ancient philosophy to modern Hebrew and contemporary issues. Your study sessions are designed with you in mind. And as your knowledge grows, so do your jewpiter miles…


jewpiter presents (drumroll please…) MEDIA PROJECTS - the most exciting and up-to-the-minute online learning modules in town! Listen to the hottest mp3s and watch the latest videos - then take a fun and challenging quiz. Boost your jewpiter miles even more by handing in a written report based on the class! Learn and earn wherever and whenever you like with jewpiter online…


Network among friends and experience life as you attend the most-happening events and programs in-person on your campus or in your city! Watch those miles add up and HAVE FUN as you meet for coffee with local jewpiter representatives, crash an awesome Shabbat dinner and take off to the coolest events. Thinking about doing some volunteer work? Going to a lecture? Drop us a line with any ideas that you have and we'll let you know if it counts towards your miles total…


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