What's the
Jewpiter rewards program?


Jewpiter Program Details

You’ve completed the most fulfilling 10 days of your life. Your journey has just begun.

Jewpiter is a rewards program which can help you to return to Israel and provide you with knowledge and learning that you will use for the rest of your life.


By Phone

Receive 1-on-1 personal instruction as you study over the phone in half-hour sessions. Explore the Jewish topic of your choice and receive instruction from a mentor that's hand-picked just for you. Topics can include, but not limited to Jewish philosophy, Hebrew, Interpersonal relationships, Business ethics, Spirituality and Mysticism.


Expand your knowledge and scope of interest wherever or whenever you want with exciting mp3s on a variety of issues and hot topics. Then, just hand-in a Heritage Project — a written, audio or video report — based on the class.


Have fun, gain wisdom and experience life as you attend events and meetings with local Jewpiter coordinators. Accepted events generally include Shabbat programs, service projects, lectures and attending Taglit-Birthright Israel sponsored events.


Jewpiter Miles 

You earn Jewpiter miles for each completed activity or qualified referral to the program. 5,000 Jewpiter miles = Return trip to Israel

Jewpiter miles

5,000 jewpiter miles = Return trip to Israel

Activity Miles Per Activity
Phone study sessions
minimum 18
150 miles
each 30 min. session
Heritage project
minimum 5
150 miles
Jewpiter approved events
minimum 1
100 miles
Referrals 50 miles
(maximum 500 Jewpiter miles can be applied to 5.000 minimum. Referral miles will be credited to your account for each referral that reaches 1,500 miles)
"How do I earn 5,000 miles?"

An Example of How to Earn 5,000 Miles

Sample Activity Miles Total
Just for signing up 500 500
10 Jewpiter referrals 50
3 Campus Shabbat dinners 100 each 300
6 Phone Study Sessions
(Jewish Philosophy)
150 each 900
6 Phone Study Sessions
(Business Ethics)
150 each 900
6 Phone Study Sessions (Interpersonal Relationships) 150 each 900
3 MP3 Classes 100 each 300
Coffee with Jewpiter campus representatives 100 100
Volunteering 3 times at Federation-sponsored soup kitchens 100 each 300
3 Taglight Birthright reunion events 100 each 300
  Total 5,000


College Credit

Earn college credit online with jewpiter. The mentoring preparation for credit bearing exam is free. Testing proficiency exam administered by independent institution. 8 College credits available for Beginners Hebrew course, additional accredited courses will follow. Minimum fees will apply. Contact a jewpiter representative at info@jewpiter.com or call 1-800-788-3942 ext.6388 for more information


Use your Jewpiter miles to return to Israel for free.

Achieve 5,000 Jewpiter miles, satisfying the minimum requirements*, and receive a subsidy worth up to $500 on an approved Israel trip. The approved trips are already heavily subsidized. The Jewpiter reward should be enough to cover your portion and get you back for free.

*Minimum requirements include phone study sessions, Heritage Projects and an in-person meeting.

You are ready to continue the journey, sign up today or call 1 (800) 788-3942 ext. 6388 for more information.

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